Stewart, Mary Amanda.Social Networking, Workplace, and Entertainment Literacies: The Out- of-School Literate Lives of Newcomer Adolescent Immigrants

Mary Amanda Stewart (2014) Social Networking, Workplace, and Entertainment Literacies: The Out-of-School Literate Lives of Newcomer Adolescent Immigrants, Literacy Research and Instruction, 53:4, 347-371, DOI: 10.1080/19388071.2014.931495


Using a New Literacy Studies perspective that recognizes multiple literacies that are meaningful within their sociocultural traditions, this collective case study investigated the range, form, and purpose of the out-of-school literacies of four Latina/o adolescent English learners. The qualita- tive methodology employed constructivist interviews, digital artifacts, and observations. Findings demonstrated that their most prevalent out-of-school literacies take place on the social networking site of Facebook, in their workplaces, and through Spanish entertainment. The literacies in these spaces have unique and purposeful roles for the individuals that allow them to connect to their home countries and maintain their Latina/o identities, acquire English, support themselves, and establish a place to succeed. Findings demonstrate that these students are multilingual, multicultural transnationals who communicate with multiple modalities across various borders.


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