"In a deeper sense, we are all sleepwalkers. You can go to your office, you can come to your home, you can do certain things: you will repeat the same things you have always repeated. You will tell your wife, “I love you,” and you will not mean anything by it. The words will be … Continue reading sleepwalkers


Sedgwick, Eve. “Pedagogy of Buddhism”

Sedgwick, Eve. "Pedagogy of Buddhism." Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity. Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2003. 153-181. Print. To remember: Is it true that we can learn only when we are aware we are being taught? (153) Possibly we do not want to learn the lesson our cat is teaching. Here, in an affective … Continue reading Sedgwick, Eve. “Pedagogy of Buddhism”

fasciality of writing/teaching/knowing

the massage therapist in me finds utter fascination in the delicate tenacity of fascia - the tensional network that wraps round musculature and bone structures, suspends organs. as much as any muscle tissue, connective tissue begs for manipulation. left untouched, irritated fascia can be responsible for referent pain, adhesions, even postural issues. often what we perceive … Continue reading fasciality of writing/teaching/knowing