fasciality of writing/teaching/knowing


the massage therapist in me finds utter fascination in the delicate tenacity of fascia – the tensional network that wraps round musculature and bone structures, suspends organs. as much as any muscle tissue, connective tissue begs for manipulation. left untouched, irritated fascia can be responsible for referent pain, adhesions, even postural issues. often what we perceive to be muscular distress can be assuaged by the treatment of our connective tissue. unlike muscle bulk, fascia cannot be grasped in hand; its layers are thin. but, within the human body, fascia touches everything, connects everything, holds everything in place.

as a scholar/teacher of rhetoric and composition, my thoughts often flit around possibilities for a ‘fascia as writing/teaching/knowledge-making’ metaphor. as scholars, we formulate connections among data and ideas and fashion tensile tissue by way of crafted language. as instructors, we implore our students to do the same, often asking for manipulation of already established connections in need of new attachments or perhaps detachment. the metaphor extends to the field of rhetoric and composition in its wide-reaching and interdisciplinary transfer.

connective elements in writing/teaching writing. everywhere-ness. just-right-ness. sensing tensions. treatment of tension. network. affect. my own connections here beg for deeper attention – the irony hasn’t missed me. another day.

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