need to read.

in her Understanding Literacy course, a professor once commented that when she was a student, the field of comp. studies was so new, so budding, that it was possible to devour every bit of scholarship.

if there is something i hate about grad school it is the constant effort to become comfortable with ‘just enough’ – i crave immersion, a deep and sustained soak in all the knowledge to the point of complete absorption.

today [and most days], the amount of learning i need/want to do overwhelms. and so, a reading list. to stay organized, to stay mindful, to generate sparks in lulls:

to give more time to/actually finish:

Style: Toward Clarity and Grace [Williams], Queer Phenomenology [Ahmed], Reassembling the Social [Latour], On Touching – Jean-Luc Nancy [Derrida], The Minor Gesture [Manning], Politics of Touch [Manning], Relationscapes [Manning], Belief, Bodies, and Being [Orr et. al], The Affect Theory Reader, Evocative Objects [Turkle], Camera Lucida [Barthes], The Pleasure of the Text [Barthes], Mourning Diaries [Barthes], Lovers’ Discourse [so much Barthes], Rhetoric of Motives [Burke], Errors and Expectations [Shaughnessy], Pedagogy of Possibility [Halasek], Alien Phenomenology [Bogost], Toward a Composition Made Whole [Shipka],Vibrant Matter [Bennett], Ordinary Affects [Stewart],  Ambient Rhetoric [Rickert], Metaphors We Live By [Lakoff&Johnson], What We See When We Read [Mendelsund], Thought and Language [Vygotsky], Cross-Talk in Comp. Theory [Villanueva], The Performance of Self [Newkirk], Writing on the Margins [Bartholomae], The Writing Life [Dillard],


to begin:

Doing Sensory Ethnography [Pink], The Agency of Assemblages [Bennett], On Touching – The Inhuman That Therefore I Am [Barad], Sense and Sensibilia, Gorgias, Rhetoric, de Inventione, The Prince [Machiavelli], Aspasia: Rhetoric, Gender and Colonial Ideology [Jarratt&Ong], Feminism and Composition [Jarratt&Worsham], On the Sublime [Longinus],  Techne [Pender], Arts, Crafts, Gifts, Knacks [Young], Cultural and Rhetorical Patterns [Lloyd], Thinking Beyond Aristotle [Mao], Homo Ludens [Huizinga], Writing the Event [Ballif], The Circulation of Discourse Through the Body [Dolmage], This is a Story About a Belief … [Powell], Reclaiming Rhetorica [Lunsford], Rhetoric Retold [Glenn], Feminism and Composition [Kirsch, et. al], On the Nature of Seeing [Elkins], The Decorum of Objects [Brown], Cultural Poesis [Stewart], Weak Theory in an Unfinished World [Stewart], (essentially, all the stewart), Nowcasting/Futurecasting [Losh], Unframing Models of Public Discourse [Jenny Rice], The Ecology of Writing [Cooper], Makers [Anderson], English Composition as Happening [Sirc], Intimate Practices [Gere], Making of Knowledge in Comp. [North], Affect Imagery Consciousness [Tomkins], The Force of Ideas in Spinoza [Sharp]


all lists must end in commas, sans conjuction.


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