Mystic Writing Pad

Freud, Sigmund. General Psychological Theory. New York: Touchstone, 1997. 207-12. Print.

in this moment, i am not so interested in this piece for its magic slate//perceptual system/mnemic system comparison [sorry, freud!]. as compelling as his constructed relationship between perception impulse and cathexis and consciousness may be, i am currently stimulated by his introductory comment on writing for/as memory.

freud points to constraints in this note-taking practice as either limited receptive capacity or temporal limitations [sheet of paper vs. slate]. i wonder how this shifts with development of online note archives [like this] and archived lives/memorials on social media. and then, what if wordpress/facebook/twitter/instagram cease to exist. will archives permanently dissolve? are capacity and retention still mutually exclusive?

Thus an unlimited receptive capacity and a retention of permanent traces seem to be mutually exclusive properties in the apparatus which we use as substitutes for our memory: either the receptive surface must be renewed or the note must be destroyed (208).


vintage magic slate [my 80s-baby mnemic conjure of ‘mystic writing pad’] photo cred [and current listing]: ebay


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