mol, annemarie. the body multiple

Mol, AnneMarie. The Body Multiple. Durham: Duke University Press, 2002. Print.

To remember:

  • This is a book about the way medicine enacts its objects of concern and treatment (vii).
  • Attending to enactment rather than knowledge has an important effect: what we think of as a single object may be more than one (vii).
  • The move, then, is away from epistemology. Epistemology is concerned with reference: it asks whether representations of reality are accurate … Since enactments come in the plural the crucial question to as of them is how they are coordinated. In practice the body and its diseases are more than one, but this does not mean that they are fragmented into being many (viii).
  • I try to engage with a normativity of a more intimate kind. I try to open up differences … and create better access to them (viii).
  • The local is not contained in the global, it is somewhere else (x).

To consume: Mol beyond her preface.


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