proposal. co-crafting/editing.

word agony. staring at the text-laden screen, my digits itch. anxiously half-tapping rhythms to stimulate precision. perfection. full-presses deconstruct brain drizzle [drivel] in comment tabs. the back and forth of desire - desire to sculpt a flawless piece from this google doc of chaos. two fingertips flick my mouse pad to scroll through earliest ramblings - … Continue reading proposal. co-crafting/editing.


address unknown.

what happens when relational movement halts? when the movement toward is not accepted? does the affective pulse just dissipate or does it return to prick the sender? is this energy somehow compounded in the affected? or does it become redistributed/taken up by others? does it feed tolle's painbody?  how does a halting alter the course of … Continue reading address unknown.

reminiscent reflection.

growing up, there was a dark corner office/seasonal storage space in my parents' half-finished basement. there was a large desk sandwiched between boxes of hunting gear, winter coats, christmas ornaments, and other things. on that desk sat one of these. [is my age showing?] i used it for homework sometimes. and if i had been … Continue reading reminiscent reflection.


laptop. scheduling. jungle java.

most recent interruption: 'that boy called me tooth butt!' [seriously ... i didn't even know 'tooth butt' was a thing]. i thought i might be able to respond to student drafts while my daughter plays. nah. the room is full of incessant shrieking and shouts of 'MOOOMMM!' that so almost-could-be-my-kid that my eyes have lifted from … Continue reading laptop. scheduling. jungle java.


Blackman, Lisa. “The Subject of Affect: Bodies, Process, Becoming”

Blackman, Lisa. "The Subject of Affect: Bodies, Process, Becoming." Immaterial Bodies Affect, Embodiment, Mediation. London: Sage, 2012. 1-25. Print. To remember: bodies are not considered stable things or entities, but rather are processes which extend into and are immersed in worlds. That is, rather than talk of bodies, we might instead talk of brain–body–world entanglements, … Continue reading Blackman, Lisa. “The Subject of Affect: Bodies, Process, Becoming”



often, when we teach, we take risks. we do this with the hope that something beautiful will happen-the dawning of understanding, conceptual clarity, anything meaningful. these risks cultivate growth-either in the students who make meaning or in the instructor who learned that 'this is not the way.' to further complicate matters, the student-teacher cocktail is … Continue reading risk.


performing empathies [the empathics]

I'm always thinking about what are the potentials for the body. What can we be? Who could we be? Who could we become? -Saya Woolfalk wanting to put The Empathics into conversation with Blackman's work in body studies and Manning's relational movement concepts, as well as explore this project from a cultural/comparative and/or visual rhetorics perspectives ... … Continue reading performing empathies [the empathics]