constructive ambiguity

i am interested in taking kissinger’s more sinister power play into a positive, generative direction in composition. rather than sapping optimism, i wonder how constructive ambiguity might push students to “write offshore” (cynthia haynes) and contemplate hopeful futures.

how do we construct a future that allows for impredictability, cultivates that even? is there a way to step outside of the ordered, controlling system, the hypernormalisation (alexei yurchak), and re-imagine future? not in a utopian sense, per se, but in a mode that celebrates failure along with success? organizes power structures in a way that makes sense to them, given previous models and/or felt sense? through research and intuition, how might students be able to construct speculative futures that run counter to dystopian/utopian narratives? what might students have to gain from composing new/best/just normal’?


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