the other day something happened. i say 'something' because i only have a sliver of the story. it is a found pulsing, an unsolicited voyeuristic thrill, a jackpot-level luckiness, a feeling of catching/being caught, a ... something. i'd been eagerly awaiting the arrival of lingis. it showed up a week later than expected.   when … Continue reading m.

performing empathies [the empathics]

I'm always thinking about what are the potentials for the body. What can we be? Who could we be? Who could we become? -Saya Woolfalk wanting to put The Empathics into conversation with Blackman's work in body studies and Manning's relational movement concepts, as well as explore this project from a cultural/comparative and/or visual rhetorics perspectives ... … Continue reading performing empathies [the empathics]