[re]werking. shards of nothing slice through to bone of fragile structure fortified [just] enough for rebuild. [de]sensing. tuning in to the charming, sporadic ambient rhythm, intent on moving past. looking for reasons to [stay] tune[d] out. but, vacuum.  


queers in their natural habitat

in presenting to a classroom filled with artists today, a preface: this is not fine art, it is fun art. there is a marked line between arts | crafts. a line that i crossed when i pulled out the party beads, caution tape, dyed feathers, pipe cleaners, hot glue gun. according to my research partner, … Continue reading queers in their natural habitat


scratching surfaces. pen, paper. fingernails, skin.   [language is a skin: i rub my language against the other. it is as if i had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words barthes]   soul friction. raw chafing. unable to penetrate dermis to meat.   cord cut. leaving blood spilling from … Continue reading interrupted


on mediated grief

lost two old [loved] friends this week. learned the news on facebook.   thinking bout derrida's thoughts: [electronic communication] ... is on the way to transforming the entire public and private space of humanity, and first of all the limit between the private, the secret (private or public) and the public or the phenomenal.  -jacques … Continue reading on mediated grief


psyche knowing

the psyche is extended, knows nothing about it. everything thus ends with this brief tune: 'psyche ist ausgedehnt, weiss nichts davon' ... only psyche knows nothing of this ... she knows nothing of this ... she knows nothing of this - and that is what everyone knows around her, with such exact and cruel knowledge. … Continue reading psyche knowing


absence recast

a blurry omission. absence recast as agency. [for she or me?] resilience redacted. re-crafted. in tenacity [or blind obstinacy]. off kilter-ed, but balancing [barely]. fled fragility. embraced uncharted. free-ish. cloaking embodied residue of fragments of memories of guilt-[hate]-love. reduced to pixels. no hard copy or soft teddy bear or contact or try. no, no nothing. … Continue reading absence recast


dissolution of soon

energizing vitality. intense engagement. crisp, attentive focus. fullness of presence. fiery aura, ambient aurality coalescent. turned. exquisite entropy of attempting, prolonging, still stringing thru echoing whispers of dissonance. living in rift. until not.