quantifying sensing

tonight, my daughter and i took in the lovely flavors of a new [to us] local thai joint. it was the kind of meal in which everything that sounded good was requested from the tiny kitchen, a few bites were taken from each dish, and everything else was packaged for days of delicious leftovers. my favorite … Continue reading quantifying sensing

Barthes, Roland. Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography. [Part I]

Barthes, Roland. Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography. New York, Hill and Wang, 2010. Summary: In the first half of Camera Lucida, Barthes unpacks the experiential reading of photography. Uninterested in empirical, rhetorical or aesthetic perspectives, he not only offers language for the affective photography experience, but also asserts that the sensations produced and received [and intra-acting] … Continue reading Barthes, Roland. Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography. [Part I]

Composing ‘Histories of the Present’

a quick pin, excerpted from Lauren Berlant's Cruel Optimism (p. 63-69): Here, figures move transversally across spaces, quickly and lingeringly, reflectively and in the flesh, projecting and sensing atmospheres and impacts to which they have to catch up and respond. Sometimes they unlearn, sometimes they repeat, sometimes they surprise themselves, often they just lean numbly or … Continue reading Composing ‘Histories of the Present’

before touching [writing, writing] feeling

in this ongoing project, thomas passwater and i have been reflecting on the intersections of affect and materiality, on the interactions and extensions of self and/through objects in our composing process, on the way that selves and objects mean. below, you can see how we have written our way into this inquiry—and we invite you to … Continue reading before touching [writing, writing] feeling

Massumi, Brian. The Autonomy of Affect, I

Massumi, Brian. Parables for the Virtual. Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2002. 23-28. Print. To remember: the primacy of the affective is marked by a gap between content and effect (24) content[:] its indexing to conventional meanings in an inter-subjective context ... determinate qualities (24) effect[:] the strength or duration of image ... its intensity … Continue reading Massumi, Brian. The Autonomy of Affect, I

Hickey-Moody, Anna & Tara Page. “Making, Matter and Pedagogy”

Hickey-Moody, Anna, and Tara Page. "Making, Matter and Pedagogy." arts, pedagogy and cultural resistance: new materialisms. London And New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. 1-20. Print. To remember: 'new materialism' ... approaches [to research methodology] are brought together by the shared belief in the transformative capacities (or 'pedagogy') of matter ... posit[ing] affective, machinic, enfleshed, … Continue reading Hickey-Moody, Anna & Tara Page. “Making, Matter and Pedagogy”