alternative proofs/divorcing logos

an impromptu rendering from yesterday's discussion of "alternative facts" with students in my wrtg121: researching the public experience class. wanting to save here to return for further development [and cleaner lines and better spacing].   update: made a thing.

Cixous, Hélène. “The Laugh of the Medusa.”

Cixous, Hélène. "The Laugh of the Medusa." The Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from Classical Times to the Present, edited by Patricia Bizzell and Bruce Herzberg, Boston & New York, Bedford/St. Martin's, 2001, pp. 1520-36. To remember: about women's writing: about what it will do (1524). I refuse to strengthen [the effects of the past] by repeating … Continue reading Cixous, Hélène. “The Laugh of the Medusa.”