Ahmed, Sara. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. “Introduction: Feel Your Way”

Ahmed, Sara. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. New York London, Routledge, 2015. To remember: Bodies take the shape of the very contact they have with objects and others ... texts that circulate in public domain ... work by aligning with collectives by attributing "others" as the source of our feelings ... those who are 'not … Continue reading Ahmed, Sara. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. “Introduction: Feel Your Way”

Erin Manning, Relationscapes

Manning, Erin. Relationscapes: Movement, Art, Philosophy. Cambridge London, MIT Press, 2012. 'Events of Relation' Actual events are monadic in the sense that they are contemporarily independent. An event is always singular, completely absorbed by its particular iteration. Events are never relational in their incipiency - their pastness - or in their perishing - their future … Continue reading Erin Manning, Relationscapes

Perry, Kristen. “What is Literacy?”

Perry, K. (2012). What is Literacy? – A critical overview of sociocultural perspectives. Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 8(1), 50-71. Abstract: Sociocultural perspectives on literacy include various theories focused on the myriad ways in which people use literacy in context, which include a strong emphasis on power relations. Yet, these theories also have important … Continue reading Perry, Kristen. “What is Literacy?”