Rogoff, Irit, “Studying Visual Culture”

Rogoff, Irit. "Studying Visual Culture." The Visual Culture Reader, edited by Nicholas Mirzoeff, London, Routledge, 1998, pp. 24-36. Summary: Rogoff sets up a 'what is' [and what is not] for visual culture studies. She casts the field as taking up Derrida's concept of différance and providing "the visual articulation of the continuous displacement of meaning in the … Continue reading Rogoff, Irit, “Studying Visual Culture”

touching [writing, writing] feeling

Handout/notes from yesterday's WIDE-EMU '16 presentation with my brilliant colleague, Thomas Passwater. touching [writing, writing] feeling The sense of physical touch itself, at least so far, has been remarkably unsusceptible to being amplified by technology (Sedgwick 15). The experience named “writing” is this violent exhaustion of the discourse in which “all sense” is altered, not into another … Continue reading touching [writing, writing] feeling

May, Todd. Gilles Deleuze, An Introduction

May, Todd. Gilles Deleuze An Introduction. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005. 1-17. Print. To remember: In a world that holds banality to be a virtue and originality a disease, Deleuze never stops asking the question of what other possibilities life holds open to us, or, more specifically, of how we might think about things … Continue reading May, Todd. Gilles Deleuze, An Introduction