often, when we teach, we take risks. we do this with the hope that something beautiful will happen-the dawning of understanding, conceptual clarity, anything meaningful. these risks cultivate growth-either in the students who make meaning or in the instructor who learned that 'this is not the way.' to further complicate matters, the student-teacher cocktail is … Continue reading risk.


Fleckenstein, Kristie. Bodysigns (part one)

Fleckenstein, Kristie S. "Bodysigns: A Biorhetoric for Change." JAC, vol. 21, no. 4, 2001., pp. 761-790. To remember: "our language and our writing should be adequate enough to make our dreams, our visions, our stories, our thinking, and our actions not just revolutionary but transformative" ("Freedom" 46) (761). Susan Jarratt notes that "both feminist inquiry … Continue reading Fleckenstein, Kristie. Bodysigns (part one)

mol, annemarie. the body multiple

Mol, AnneMarie. The Body Multiple. Durham: Duke University Press, 2002. Print. To remember: This is a book about the way medicine enacts its objects of concern and treatment (vii). Attending to enactment rather than knowledge has an important effect: what we think of as a single object may be more than one (vii). The move, … Continue reading mol, annemarie. the body multiple


Blackman, Lisa. Introduction: Thinking Through The Body

Blackman, Lisa. "Introduction: Thinking Through The Body." The Body: The Key Concepts. Oxford New York: Berg, 2008. 1-13. Print. To remember: [AnneMarie Mol] argues that the body is not bounded by the skin, where we understand the skin to be a kind of container for the self, but rather our bodies always extend and connect … Continue reading Blackman, Lisa. Introduction: Thinking Through The Body


Scott, Tony. “Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies”

Scott, Tony. “Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies.” Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies. Eds. Linda Adler-Kassner and Elizabeth Wardle. Logan: Utah State UP, 2015. Print. Scott casts writing as "ideological enactment," highlighting the social implications of the practice. He points to the burden of writing educators to remain cognizant of assumptions and their pedagogical impact. … Continue reading Scott, Tony. “Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies”