Protevi, John. Intro to Political Affect

Protevi, John. Political Affect. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2009. To remember: ['political physiology':] the imbrications of the social and the somatic: how our bodies, minds, and social settings are intricately and intimately linked ... indicate[s] not only this mix of intellectual resources [science, philosophy, and politics] but also in order to indicate that subjectivity … Continue reading Protevi, John. Intro to Political Affect

Composing ‘Histories of the Present’

a quick pin, excerpted from Lauren Berlant's Cruel Optimism (p. 63-69): Here, figures move transversally across spaces, quickly and lingeringly, reflectively and in the flesh, projecting and sensing atmospheres and impacts to which they have to catch up and respond. Sometimes they unlearn, sometimes they repeat, sometimes they surprise themselves, often they just lean numbly or … Continue reading Composing ‘Histories of the Present’

Massumi, Brian. The Autonomy of Affect, I

Massumi, Brian. Parables for the Virtual. Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2002. 23-28. Print. To remember: the primacy of the affective is marked by a gap between content and effect (24) content[:] its indexing to conventional meanings in an inter-subjective context ... determinate qualities (24) effect[:] the strength or duration of image ... its intensity … Continue reading Massumi, Brian. The Autonomy of Affect, I