Fleckenstein, Kristie. Bodysigns (part one)

Fleckenstein, Kristie S. "Bodysigns: A Biorhetoric for Change." JAC, vol. 21, no. 4, 2001., pp. 761-790. To remember: "our language and our writing should be adequate enough to make our dreams, our visions, our stories, our thinking, and our actions not just revolutionary but transformative" ("Freedom" 46) (761). Susan Jarratt notes that "both feminist inquiry … Continue reading Fleckenstein, Kristie. Bodysigns (part one)

Sedgwick, Eve. “Teaching/Depression”

this article was a total stumble-upon while looking for some of sedgwick's other affective work (though i did note it as a breadcrumb to follow in 'an inventory of shimmers'). interesting discussion of a frequent topic of commiseration in the office i share with colleagues. i am left curious about: what it means to care for caring, not … Continue reading Sedgwick, Eve. “Teaching/Depression”