Panagia, Davide. “The Viewing Subject”

Panagia, Davide. The Political Life of Sensation. Durham And London, Duke University Press, 2009. To remember: in producing an effect of 'seeing,' the painting in question constitutes itself as a force, thereby distributing a series of visual effects (98). the self-referentiality of representation ... insists on an order of mimesis that is not likeness but intensity ... … Continue reading Panagia, Davide. “The Viewing Subject”


quantifying sensing

tonight, my daughter and i took in the lovely flavors of a new [to us] local thai joint. it was the kind of meal in which everything that sounded good was requested from the tiny kitchen, a few bites were taken from each dish, and everything else was packaged for days of delicious leftovers. my favorite … Continue reading quantifying sensing

touching cells

this: Sounds go through the muscles these abstract wordless movements they start off cells that haven’t been touched before ...waking up slowly. —Björk Gudmundsdóttir evokes thought of this: touches me differently each time, but always awakens some lovely thing[s].


Ahmed, Sara. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. “Introduction: Feel Your Way”

Ahmed, Sara. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. New York London, Routledge, 2015. To remember: Bodies take the shape of the very contact they have with objects and others ... texts that circulate in public domain ... work by aligning with collectives by attributing "others" as the source of our feelings ... those who are 'not … Continue reading Ahmed, Sara. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. “Introduction: Feel Your Way”


Hung, Ruyu. “Toward an Affective Pedagogy of Human Rights Education”

Hung, Ruyu. "Toward an Affective Pedagogy of Human Rights Education." Journal of Pedagogy, vol. 5, no. 1, 2014., pp. 48-64doi: To remember: Affective Pedagogy of Human Rights Education (or APHRE) [:] emphasizes affectivity, feelings, bodily perception, and aesthetic experience (49). this excessively rationalistic approach becomes rote learning and impoverishes the meaning of education. Hence a … Continue reading Hung, Ruyu. “Toward an Affective Pedagogy of Human Rights Education”


proposal. co-crafting/editing.

word agony. staring at the text-laden screen, my digits itch. anxiously half-tapping rhythms to stimulate precision. perfection. full-presses deconstruct brain drizzle [drivel] in comment tabs. the back and forth of desire - desire to sculpt a flawless piece from this google doc of chaos. two fingertips flick my mouse pad to scroll through earliest ramblings - … Continue reading proposal. co-crafting/editing.


reminiscent reflection.

growing up, there was a dark corner office/seasonal storage space in my parents' half-finished basement. there was a large desk sandwiched between boxes of hunting gear, winter coats, christmas ornaments, and other things. on that desk sat one of these. [is my age showing?] i used it for homework sometimes. and if i had been … Continue reading reminiscent reflection.