Barbara Bird, “Meaning-Making Concepts”

discovered this via Amy Ann Latawiec in her MCEA/MiWCA 2016 critique of how we use seminal and traditional texts in training new teachers. Bird, Barbara. Meaning-Making Concepts: Basic Writer’s Access to Verbal Culture To remember: Engagement in verbal culture, though, requires more than interpretive reading and deep-level writing: this engagement also requires our affective responses ...Some … Continue reading Barbara Bird, “Meaning-Making Concepts”

McLeod, Susan. “Some Thoughts about Feelings”

McLeod, Susan. “Some Thoughts about Feelings: The Affective Domain and the Writing Process.” College Composition and Communication, vol. 38, no. 4, 1987, pp. 426–435. To remember:  But we have tended to ignore the affective domain in our research on and speculation about the writing process. This is partly due to our deep Western suspicion … Continue reading McLeod, Susan. “Some Thoughts about Feelings”

Nelson, Julie D. An Unnecessary Divorce

Nelson, Julie. "An Unnecessary Divorce: Integrating the Study of Affect and Emotion in New Media." Composition Forum, vol. 34, 2016. Accessed 30 Aug. 2016. Abstract: Rhetoric and composition scholars’ almost exclusive reliance on Brian Massumi’s definition of affect has spurred a theoretical and practical divorce between “affect” and “emotion” in our field. This article returns … Continue reading Nelson, Julie D. An Unnecessary Divorce