before touching [writing, writing] feeling

in this ongoing project, thomas passwater and i have been reflecting on the intersections of affect and materiality, on the interactions and extensions of self and/through objects in our composing process, on the way that selves and objects mean. below, you can see how we have written our way into this inquiry—and we invite you to … Continue reading before touching [writing, writing] feeling

performing empathies [the empathics]

I'm always thinking about what are the potentials for the body. What can we be? Who could we be? Who could we become? -Saya Woolfalk wanting to put The Empathics into conversation with Blackman's work in body studies and Manning's relational movement concepts, as well as explore this project from a cultural/comparative and/or visual rhetorics perspectives ... … Continue reading performing empathies [the empathics]

Sedgwick, Eve. Touching Feeling Introduction

Sedgwick, Eve. Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity. Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2003. Print. To remember: Famously, these are a cluster of sentences about which "it seems clear that to utter the sentence (in, of course, the appropriate circumstances) is not to describe my doing [a thing] ... or to state that I am … Continue reading Sedgwick, Eve. Touching Feeling Introduction

Knudsen, Britta Timm & Carsten Stage. Introduction: Affective Methodologies

[proper citation pending arrival of hard copy] To remember: We define an affective method as an innovative strategy for (1) asking research questions and formulating research agendas relating to affec- tive processes, for (2) collecting or producing embodied data and for (3) making sense of this data in order to produce academic knowledge. [We] begin experimenting … Continue reading Knudsen, Britta Timm & Carsten Stage. Introduction: Affective Methodologies