touching [writing, writing] feeling

Handout/notes from yesterday's WIDE-EMU '16 presentation with my brilliant colleague, Thomas Passwater. touching [writing, writing] feeling The sense of physical touch itself, at least so far, has been remarkably unsusceptible to being amplified by technology (Sedgwick 15). The experience named “writing” is this violent exhaustion of the discourse in which “all sense” is altered, not into another … Continue reading touching [writing, writing] feeling

Nancy, Jean-luc. Corpus

Quick notes: the body must touch down (11) Writing: to touch on extremity (12) Nothing else happens to writing, then, if something should happen to it, except touching. More precisely: touching the body ... Writing touches the body by essence ... that's where it's touching (13) points of tangency, touches (14) And Derrida, On Touching: … Continue reading Nancy, Jean-luc. Corpus


the prompt: what does writing want? to touch and be touched [jean-luc nancy] to be understood [spinoza] to be habitual [goldberg] to be unhurried [pryor] to be mindful practice [boice] to make [shipka] to make change [schell, ahmed, fleischer] to connect to time/place/network [mueller] encounter/experience [deleuze, guattari] to move [massumi,manning] ...