touching [writing, writing] feeling

Handout/notes from yesterday's WIDE-EMU '16 presentation with my brilliant colleague, Thomas Passwater. touching [writing, writing] feeling The sense of physical touch itself, at least so far, has been remarkably unsusceptible to being amplified by technology (Sedgwick 15). The experience named “writing” is this violent exhaustion of the discourse in which “all sense” is altered, not into another … Continue reading touching [writing, writing] feeling

kinesthetic approaches to composition

Notes/handout from a 3-pronged movement activity [progressive body scan -> guided invention walk -> human movement coding activity] presented at WIDE-EMU '16 with Kelsey McLendon and Natasha Wickenheiser. Pedagogical Grounding: Habits of mind refers to ways of approaching learning that are both intellectual and practical and that will support students’ success in a variety of fields … Continue reading kinesthetic approaches to composition

before touching [writing, writing] feeling

in this ongoing project, thomas passwater and i have been reflecting on the intersections of affect and materiality, on the interactions and extensions of self and/through objects in our composing process, on the way that selves and objects mean. below, you can see how we have written our way into this inquiry—and we invite you to … Continue reading before touching [writing, writing] feeling

proposal. co-crafting/editing.

word agony. staring at the text-laden screen, my digits itch. anxiously half-tapping rhythms to stimulate precision. perfection. full-presses deconstruct brain drizzle [drivel] in comment tabs. the back and forth of desire - desire to sculpt a flawless piece from this google doc of chaos. two fingertips flick my mouse pad to scroll through earliest ramblings - … Continue reading proposal. co-crafting/editing.

ultra fine point & personal data sheet

even in a room filled with familiar faces, ice-breaking moments feel strange. and this pen is loud. my writing has become our ambient noise, only subtly and infrequently punctuated by an occasional throat-clearing or the frictional squeak of chair legs rubbing the floor in posture adjustments or the splish-glug-splash of my neighbor taking a swig of her … Continue reading ultra fine point & personal data sheet